Agorazo is an epic science fiction / fantasy series set primarily in a technologically stagnant near future. 


In the year 2054, NASA sent a shuttle, Cygnus-X1, to a mysterious anomoly near the planet Venus. Unbeknowst to the public, this anomoly had already been determined to be a miniature black hole code-named The Timothy Object. NASA planned to insert a Hadron Collider device into the black hole in an attempt to harness the power of the singularity. However, when the procedure was completed (resulting in the death of Wilhelm Neris), a rift in space-time was opened. In effect, this created a wormhole to a hostile race of sentient lifeforms colloquially named The X. The X completely devastated the Earth in an attempt to colonize, resulting in the deaths of most of the population. After determining that the mineral deposits on earth were too depleted to be worthwhile, they bombed the planet. Much of the damage was targeted at urban cores, resulting in what came to be known as the Second Dark Age. Eventually, The X left the planet after infesting it with Dragons. Much of the technology and social structure was lost due to the blast radius of the bombs, which destroyed much of the written record and systems left in place. Many more died or were left infertile due to radiation. Much of the planet was left inhospitable, and those that remained were forced to flee to previously uninhabitated areas that had more-or-less escaped the devasation. Most of those that survived were of lower income, education, and socio-economic status. Thus, the resulting years were brutal to the survivors as warlords sprang up to take advantage of the people.

The Irish RuinsEdit

Much of the story of Agorazo takes place on the island once known as Ireland. Within the next three hundred years, survivors in the Irish countryside have developed an almost feudal society. Barons controlled holdings and lands attached to them. People began to call themselves knights in an homage to the Arthurian legend. 

Notable NationsEdit

The three main nations of Ireland are Garago, Golad, and Verivifa

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